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WooCommerce Tutorials

Video Tutorials for your
Online Store

These video tutorials have been created especially for our clients operated online stores with the WooCommerce system.

If you have any questions or feel that another video tutorial is needed to cover a topic, please get in touch with us. We can record customised video tutorials to answer any problems you have.

Note: When watching the videos here, you can change the quality and size to suit your viewing requirements. This is done using the controls inside each video.

Note: Tropical Coast Web Design was formerly known as Rusty Mango Design.

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#1 Creating Product Categories

Before any individual products can be added to your online store, categories must be established to group similar items. An example of this, for a clothing store, could be grouping into categories such as dresses, tops and bottoms. These categories also become part of the menu system for your eCommerce store. This tutorial demonstrates the simplicity of creating store categories.

Running Time: 1.33min

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#2 Creating Variables (attributes) for Products

Along with categories, some products in your store may be available in different varieties (colour, size, weight, etc.) In this video, we demonstrate how to set up these variations that be established once and used many times.

Running Time: 2.54min

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#3 Adding Products to the Store

Products are the “bread and butter” of your store so let’s get some online. In this tutorial, we cover how to add products into your online store and apply various settings to each including size and weight for postage, categories, variations and attributes.

Running Time: 4.40min

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#4 Managing your Inventory

Managing your stock is vitally important in any product-based business – even more so when that business is online. In this tutorial, we show how to enter stock quantities so that your customers are not disappointed by items that are “not in stock”. We’ll also talk about the automated emails that help you with items “low in stock” and “out of stock”.

Running Time: 6.39min

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#5 Shipping Settings

Once your customers have bought your products, you’ve got to get them delivered. In this tutorial, we’ll look at the various options available ranging from local pickup and free shipping through to Australia Post checkout integration.

Running Time: 2.52min

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#6 Modifying Products for SALE or Upselling

Just like in a “bricks and mortar” store, you’ll occasionally want to place items on SALE and, if you want to upsell others items, you’ll make suggestions to your customers. This tutorial will show you how to implement SALE items and upsell products using the WooCommerce interface.

Running Time: 2.48min

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#7 Processing Orders and Running Reports

Your customers have selected the products, chosen their shipping method and paid for them. Now it’s your responsibility to process that order and get the products out the door. In this video, we look at the built-in systems in WooCommerce that will allow you to efficiently handle those orders – keeping track of the entire process from start to finish.

Running Time: 5.30min

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#8 Setting Stock Levels within Variations

This video ties in with tutorial #4 – Setting stock levels in simple products is fairly straight forward – but how is it done with products that have variables such as colours and sizes? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set stock levels and allow backorders if required.

Running Time: 4.43min

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