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Why the Mass Exodus of Teens from Facebook Spells Huge Business Opportunities

New data reveals a significant decline in Facebook’s user base, indicating a mass exodus from the once-popular social platform. The findings, initially acknowledged by Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman in October 2013, have now been corroborated by the latest Facebook Demographic Report for the year 2023, compiled by the renowned digital marketing agency, iStrategyLabs.

According to reports, millions of teenagers have left Facebook , opting for more “modern” platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok, and that number continues to grow.

However Facebook does not appear to be too worried about this data and neither should you, as the social media savvy small business owner.


Let’s face it, previously with so many teenagers on board, Facebook has had an image problem with a large percentage of adults who have chosen to stay away from the platform. This is largely due to bad press that Facebook generates and the media’s influence on the decision-making choices of our adult population.

To be truthful, you rarely hear of the positive side of the Facebook network. Online bullying is rife, teen suicides have been attributed to Facebook attacks and even here, in my home town of Innisfail, there have been huge family feuds/fights all based around what has been written to Facebook.

However, the winds of change are beginning to blow across the Facebook platform and it appears that the demographic is starting to mature. In the same timeframe that saw a mass exodus of teenagers, Facebook has gained 28 million adults in the in the age bracket 25-54.

This can only be good for your business.

These adults represent the majority of any target market for any business. Children and teenagers definitely have influence on purchases in a household, but the most potential for sales in products and services always lies with the adults – the ones with the real money to invest or purchase from your business.

And with so many more adults coming onboard the Facebook juggernaut, it will continue to grow at a phenomenal rate as the word gets around. For any business utilising Facebook, this will mean that they are more likely to hit the demographic that will actually buy their product. Facebook advertising will no longer be hit and miss.

Facebook is already used as a powerful marketing tool for the teen market. Now, with the increase of adult users, it has a chance to become a serious contender in the same way with the “more-mature” side of the purchasing public. Although there is still room for improvement, don’t be mistaken into thinking that Facebook is going to “fade away” any time soon.

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