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My business has a brand new online store! Now what?

While many regional small businesses are transitioning to the online realm, some may not fully grasp the differences between an online store and a traditional brick-and-mortar setup.

Unlike physical stores, where passers-by can see the progress and grand opening, an online store’s construction often occurs behind a “veil of secrecy.” When it’s finally ready, some site owners expect a rush of traffic through their virtual front door, but that’s not how it works. People need to know about the site’s existence before they can visit it.

It’s important to understand that search engines like Google don’t immediately list new sites. It can take two to three weeks for a site to appear in search results, and there’s no guarantee of landing on the first page. So, instead of waiting for Google, take proactive steps to promote your brand-new site using these simple tips:

Tip #1 – Integrate Website Marketing with Conventional Promotions

Many business owners overlook the fact that a website can be promoted through conventional marketing methods as well. Prepare for your site’s launch by updating all promotional materials: business cards, brochures, roadside signs, clothing, pens, company cars, exterior signage, invoices, and everything else. Ensure that your new web address is prominently displayed wherever your current clients encounter your business name.

If possible, collaborate with your local newspaper to feature your site’s launch. A well-placed editorial feature can provide excellent exposure, with half the page dedicated to your new site and the other half reserved for an advertisement with all your details.

Tip #2 – Leverage Your Social Media Presence

Social media offers a significant advantage over search engines in terms of instant gratification. Take advantage of this by announcing your new online store to your social media followers. Encourage them to spread the news among their friends and connections.

Develop a plan to utilize your social media power effectively. For instance, if you have an online pizza shop, organize instant competitions to boost business on slow nights. If your e-commerce boutique has new outfits, showcase them through your staff modeling and post on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Offering free shipping for a day from your e-store? Share the news instantly with a tweet on Twitter.

Tip #3 – Host a Launch Special with Coupons

Leverage your revitalized social media presence to share coupons from your online store. Most e-commerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, have built-in coupon features. Coupons can offer small discounts or bonuses like free shipping and are designed for single-use, automatically canceling after redemption.

People love coupons, and they often share them enthusiastically, helping spread the word about your new online store.

By implementing these three tips, your e-commerce store will have an exceptional start in its online journey. Don’t wait for customers to find you; instead, be proactive and seize control of your online business’s future and potential success. Success won’t come by itself; hard work and dedication are necessary. So, get out there and make it happen!

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