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Google is not your Marketing Plan!

It’s important that all website owners are aware that the boffins at Google are always changing and upgrading what is known as the “search algorithm”.

They cannot always be relied upon to keep your website exactly where you have worked so hard to position it. And when these changes are updated to the web, the new algorithm can have a drastic effect on search rankings for some sites. Over the past couple of years, the “Panda” and “Penguin” updates have sent thousands of websites crashing down the rankings and some of these were well-built sites with relevant content and solid SEO (search engine optimisation) behind them.

What does that information mean for you – the site owner?

It means do not rely purely on Google for the marketing and distribution of your website and brand. There are a variety of methods to garner support and clientele for your site without even using the “Gods of Google.”

To get your site started on the “google-less” path, here are some quite simple methods that can be quickly and easily used for your website:-

1. Traffic From YouTube

This may not work for everyone however if you have a product that lends itself to video (reviews, demonstrations, etc), get out your i-phone, create a couple of videos and get yourself a YouTube channel today. With the right type of engaging video, this is a terrific way to drive traffic to your website.

Example: BlendTec –

2. Traffic From an Email List

Easy step-by-step process for this one:-

  • Create an e-book about a topic that you and your target audience are enthusiastic about. For me, this would be about “Website Marketing.”
  • Add a form to your website that allows people to receive / download your e-book in exchange for an email address. You must indicate what will be received via this email address i.e., monthly newsletters, sales offers, updates, etc.
  • Create a newsletter (or similar) and keep your customers posted on new developments on your site, prompting them to return to the website to check them out.

You’ll need to be careful with this – unsolicited emails can land you in serious spam trouble however if you have a “record of consent” and a clearly marked unsubscribe button, you should have no issues. Google “Spam Laws” for more information.

3. Traffic from Facebook

As regular followers of my blogs know, I believe that Facebook, when used effectively, can be a terrific way to get traffic across to your website. Content for Facebook needs to be interesting, valid, and worthwhile to your visitors. Find a balance of these and you will see immediate benefits.

4. Traffic From Forum Posts

If you maintain an active participant on a relevant forum, this can be one of the most successful methods of getting traffic to your site. Traffic from your forum posts will be already attuned to your ways of thinking and keen to do business with you. Given the right impression, you will be already seen as a “Key Person of Influence” giving you great credence among your target audience.

Key to this strategy – you must find a forum that your clients are accessing for information or help. For example, Whirlpool would be great for anyone in the telecommunications industry as many people seek help here for a range of technological issues. You can sign up as an expert and offer help to the hundreds of “lost souls” seeking your assistance. Be careful though, Whirlpool and other forums are not keen on the hard-sell so leave the marketing hat at the door and watch people follow you anyway!

5. Traffic from Blog Commenting

Similar to leaving posts on a forum, you can also gain traffic from your comments on other industry/business blogs. Make sure that your comments add to the discussion and are not made purely to draw attention or to inflame a situation. Always use courteous and polite language – remember that if someone tries to incite a derogatory comment from you, you always have the options of responding or leaving.

These are just a few of the ways that you, as a site owner, can drive potential customers to your website without any input from Google searches. Please don’t see this as a complete replacement to optimising your site for Google, which would be madness, however as a site owner, it is particularly important to cover all the bases when it comes to getting visitors to your website.

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