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Week 14 of 52 – Three essential tips to get your social media buzzing!


Social Media BuzzDoes anyone else get a real buzz when they see their posts shared around on Facebook or their tweets re-tweeted? What about when that post share or re-tweet comes from a highly respected member of your industry? That buzz can be enough to push you onto bigger and better things with your social media presence.

Through my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I’ve managed to engage with people throughout the world in all manner of industries that I otherwise couldn’t have “talked” too. I’ve had a brief conversation with Brad Sugars (CEO of ActionCoach), received responses from Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO of Social Media company Vaynermedia) and corresponded with marketing guru, Timbo Reid from Small Business Big Marketing. Of course, these conversations haven’t been personal  or even very long but the engagement through social media can greatly benefit a brand.

Regardless of how it happens, once your social media presence starts to attract the attention of people in your industry, two things can happen. One, you will start to recognise the power of social media marketing and what it can do for your business. And two, the buzz behind it can  inspire you to delve deeper into the possibilities of these platforms and expand that “audience” of yours even further.

To kickstart a dormant Social Media plan into action, I’ve put together the following tips:

Never Ever Give UpPersevere to build traction.

I’m sure everyone has seen a version of the poster on the left. This could never be truer than with your social media marketing. If you want to build a following using Facebook, Twitter or any of the platforms, never ever give up! Just log on, get in and start using all the tools at your disposal! Try the following:

  • Load up Tweetdeck or hootsuite on your computer so that you can access your feeds as easy as possible.
  • Be sure to pass on any valuable industry-relevant information that you come across. Include the name of the original writer or poster.
  • Announce your blog posts and content updates on all the platforms that you have access to.

Create a Social Media Checklist.

If you are like me and love to work from a list that you can tick off, create a Social Media checklist and laminate it. Put it somewhere clearly visible in your workspace and check off the items as you use your various platforms each week. By having this on hand at all times, it’ll ensure that you are getting your brand out there on a regular basis.

Close the gap between David and Goliath.

Search for and follow as many KPI’s * as you can find. When key figures pop-up in other people’s posts and tweets – make sure you snap them up and follow them! Re-post and re-tweet their content and information when it is relevent. Use their brand to help build yours. Show your followers that you have your finger on the pulse of your industry.

Don’t be afraid to engage with these people in conversations – at the end of the day, they are just business people like you (but probably making a lot more money). Send them messages and add their personal hash tags whenever you mention them or their work on Twitter. If you are respectful and pass on content that is worthwhile, you will get their attention (and maybe that of their followers).


These three simple points should get you going along the road to Social Media success. If you need more, there are literally thousands of ways to build an online presence – just try a simple Google search on that topic.  The key to social media success is always going to be perseverance – just keep trying different avenues along the road and your brand’s audience will continue to grow.

If you or your business have had success with other ways to build a following via Social Media, please share them in the comments section below. All tricks and tips will be gratefully received!

*KPI = Key Person of Influence

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