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Week 12 of 52 – Why on earth would you name a business “Rusty Mango”?


Choosing a Business NameWhenever I first mention Rusty Mango Design to a new customer, I always get asked – “where does the name Rusty Mango come from?” It’s actually a great conversation started but the story behind it is quite simple. When I first looked into starting my own business as a web designer, I looked for inspiration in all sorts of places – radio, tv, print and online.

Back in March 2006, we had a major cyclone here in Innisfail so I thought WebStorm Design would be a great name. But you’ve got to be quick in this game, Webstorm was already taken. Outside of that idea, I could have gone with a local easy option and called the business Cassowary Coast Web Design. But if the truth be known, I don’t like the cassowaries very much. I don’t wish them any harm but at the end of the day, it is a clumsy, scary, unattractive bird, not something I want to align my business with.

Scouring the net as I tend to do (much to my wife’s chagrin), I came across an internet service provider called Blue Sky Frog. This name really grabbed me, I’m not sure why but maybe because it is totally memorable and easy to brand. This got me thinking – where was this sort of name for my business? At some point in time, while pondering this, I must have looked out the window of my home office to the backyard and saw our large mango tree, half the size it was before Cyclone Larry. It’s never producing any edible fruit but every year, it buds and starts to grow little mangoes. These mangoes grow to quite a size but invariably they turn a rusty brown colour before dropping straight off tree.

Hmmmm – rusty mangoes. I wonder if I can use that….

Rusty Mango Design was born.

It took me quite a few months to reach this point because I’ve always believed that a business name is not something that can be taken lightly. True – the brand behind the name is far more important but a good business name is what makes that all important first impression.

According to Alyssa Gregory from the About Money website, modern business names can be broken in to five distinct categories:

  • Different Names (Rusty Mango Design)
  • Mainstream Names (Engine Guard)
  • Name Based Names (Roscoes Piazza)
  • Obvious Names (Innisfail Optical)
  • Trendy Names (Intrust Energy).

Finding a name that fits one of those categories is quite easy to do but that’s only the first step. You’ve got to be aware that your business name is not just about you. It’s about the interaction that name will have with your customers and the feelings it will invoke. Try to consider the following when creating a new name:

  • Make sure that you choose a name that appeals to the type of customer you want to attract.
  • Allow your name to connect with your customers on an emotional level by selecting a name that bring up pleasant memories for them (hmmm – mangoes…..).
  • Stay away from names that are long or confusing.
  • Definitely do not use the words INC or PTY LTD after your name unless you are entitled to do so.

Does having a great business name mean that your business will be a complete world beater? No – there’s far more to it than a fancy name. But a good name can be built into a great brand with the correct efforts and intentions behind it.

If you already have a great business name, get in touch with Rusty Mango Design to start building a brand behind that name with a great web site – call today on 0488 406 050.

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