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Updating your own Website – Video Tutorials

Updating your own Website – Video Tutorials

Welcome to the Video Tutorial section of the Tropical Coast Web Design website. This area has been created especially for our clients to learn how to run their own websites using the integrated Content Management System. The number of video tutorials here will increase over time as requests for tutorials are answered.

If you have any questions about how to run your site designed by Tropical Coast Web Design, please send them through to us and we will record customised tutorials to answer any problems you have.

When watching the videos here, you can change the quality and size to suit your viewing requirements. This is done using the controls inside each video.

Tropical Coast Web Design was formerly known as Rusty Mango Design.

Please note, new tutorials for the Gutenberg release of WordPress are in production and will be posted as soon as they are available.

#1 Accessing the Site Dashboard

This video covers how to log into your website’s Dashboard using the username and password provided by your web designer. The Dashboard is the “control station” for the backend of your website and is the key access point for all the following tutorials.

Running Time: 2.14min

#2 Editing and Adding Text Content

In this tutorial, we look at how to access the existing page content of your site. We demonstrate how to make changes and addition to the text information and take a quick at some of the familiar icons used for formatting text.

Running Time: 4.20min

3 Adding Images and other Media files

Imagery on a website is key to engaging the interest of your site visitors. In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to add and modify images within your website page content. We also look at how other media, such as PDFs, can be uploaded and included in your site.

Running Time: 6.19min

4 Making changes to the Menu System

Your website as a Content Management System is infinitely expandable – you can add as many pages as you like to it. In this tutorial, we demonstrate to include those new pages in the existing menu system (including drop-down menus) so that your site visitors can access them.

Running Time: 5.29min

5 Editing the Slideshow

One of the eye-catching features on the front of many websites is the automated slideshow. In this video, we show to easily add to and remove images from the galleries using the Nextgen Gallery interface – an integrated part of your Content Management System.

Running Time: 5.56min

6 Adding and Editing Tables

Sometimes, just like in a Word document, a table is needed to present information or “tidy up” the appearance of text. In this tutorial, we show how to insert and use new tables in your web page. We also touch on how to modify existing tables.

Running Time: 5.16min

7 Adding a Thumbnail Gallery to a page

Got loads of pictures to upload to your website and need a presentable way to show them? In this video, we add images using the Nextgen Gallery interface to place a thumbnail gallery on a page and show the various options possible when click on those thumbnails.

Running Time: 6.56min

8 Adding new pages to your site

Ready to add your own brand-new pages to your site. With this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create those pages from scratch and build them to match the remainder of your existing site. For adding these pages to your menu system, see Tutorial #4.

Running Time: 3.45min

9 Creating Blog Entries for your site

For those site owners who want maintain their own “fresh” blog posts, this tutorial will demonstrate the difference between regular pages and posts. It will discuss the use of text excerpts and featured images which can be integrate with the front page of your site.

Running Time: 4.03min

10 All About Plugins

Plugins are great for our sites, adding a multitude of functions to the WordPress system. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to update Plugins to their latest versions and how to troubleshoot when two plugins clash.

Running Time: 4.03min

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