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WordPress is the framework that runs all of the websites developed by Tropical Coast Web Design.

In simplest terms, WordPress is website publishing software that is used to create websites or blog. As one of the most popular web frameworks, it is estimated that WordPress powers more than 30% of the entire world wide web – including everything from local sports clubs through to some of the most popular websites online.

The WordPress framework that we integrate with our sites allows users update and manage their own websites using just an internet web browser – no need to see any code (unless you want to). In fact, updating a site with WordPress can be as simple as using a text editor like Microsoft Word.


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that takes a regular “brochure-style” website and turns it into a full-function online store – with shopping carts, shipping options and payment gateways.

As with WordPress, WooCommerce is extremely popular due to it’s ease of use for the regular small business owner. The plugin currently powers over 3 million online stores across the world.

For additional functionality, the community behind WooCommerce has developed over 1,000 plugins which we can use to configure your online store so it operates exactly the way you want it too.


All our web hosting servers are managed using the popular control dashboard of cPanel.

For those site owners who like to “tinker” or dive a little deeper in the controls of their website (and it’s server), cPanel provides a user-friendly web-based interface to do so. Without cPanel on the server, users would need technical knowledge of networking to make any changes to the hosting setup.

For those clients who would rather stay well away from the operation of their server, Tropical Coast Web Design will take care of any cPanel changes for you.


Tropical Coast Web Design uses the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications to design and build all of our websites.

Built for professionals, the suite includes a range of programs used for graphic design, web development and photography.

Once sold as separate programs on CD (anyone remember those?), Creative Cloud is now a subscription service with the latest versions available to use as soon as they are updated.

Creative Cloud

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