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Is your website upwardly “mobile”?


TechnologyMobile internet access is on the increase with more consumers opting to use the internet via smart phones and tablets. According to Mary Meeker, widely regarded as the “Queen of the Net”, 13 percent of all Internet traffic is currently accessed from a mobile device, which is up from 4 percent just two years ago. In technologically-minded India, mobile Internet traffic has actually surpassed desktop traffic with 60 percent of users going mobile while desktop usage sits at 40 percent.

With this change in internet usage becoming predominant across the globe, it is essential that site owners be aware of how this will affect their website visitors to ensure that everyone is catered for. However, if a site has been designed correctly, the addition of a mobile friendly component shouldn’t be painful at all.

For starters, if a site has a Content Management System, a regular desktop site can normally be converted automatically to a mobile friendly site with the use of a plug-in or add-on. Rusty Mango Design uses WordPress as its CMS of choice and creating a mobile site from a regular site is quite possible with just a few tweaks and changes. Once installed, the plugin will redirect site visitors to their desired format.

However, simply being able to show the same content on both desktop and mobile devices is not enough as the viewing needs of the two vary. It must be taken into consideration that content that a mobile user may want to access may be different to what desktop users want. A mobile user wants quick and brief information about a business, not long-winded descriptions or a lengthy About Us page. Basically, a mobile site will require a separate configuration for the front page of the site to ensure that the first content displayed is directly relevant to a mobile user.

Other changes need to be considered such as the screen size in regards to displaying images and text. Button sizes will need to be enlarged to allow for “fat” fingers to touch and select items. Advertising on mobile sites may need to be shrunk or removed as not to prevent the display of the real content.

By taking into consideration these small changes, a mobile site can be integrated with a CMS quite simply and, most importantly, the site owner will only need to update one site rather than two.

If you need your site to become “upwardly mobile”, contact Rusty Mango Design today for a free inspection of your current site. Our staff will determine what changes are necessary to convert your website to mobile-enabled and we will supply you with a detailed quote.

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