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Is your business slogan working for you?

In his book, 101 Secrets to Building a Winning Business, author Andrew Griffiths states that despite trends that come and go in marketing techniques, the tag line or “catch phrase” never seems to go out of style. He does point out that a business should, from time to time, reassess the effectiveness of such wording to avoid the message becoming stale.

To this end, I decided to create a “tag line” that would work for my business and this required some thought as to what message I wanted to convey in a few short words.

With a little brain storming, I came up with a few points that are important in the marketing of my business:

  • Rusty Mango Design proudly markets itself as a quality website provider in the Cassowary Coast region of Far North Queensland.
  • Cairns has a number of competitors however there is only one main competitor in my local region.
  • My sites are affordable as I am a sole operator and my business does not have the overheads of the larger companies.

Using these points, I have decided upon the tag line “Quality Website Design on the Cassowary Coast”. I wanted to avoid saying that my websites are cheaper than the competition as prospective clients may also read this as a sign that my work also looks cheap.

Now that I have the slogan, it will be displayed prominently on the RMD website and on any correspondence with my clients. I may change it tomorrow if another slogan “pops” into my head and is more appropriate however that’s the nature of this type of marketing and making the change is no great problem.

Nothing Beats QueenslandFor evidence on the changing slogans that can be used in a marketing campaign, take a look at Queensland Tourism’s latest effort. Only last year, the slogan marketed around the country was “Queensland – Where Australia shines”. This was plastered on TV, magazines and internet advertising. After a reassessment was made necessary by the Brisbane floods and Cyclone Yasi, Queensland Tourism adapted the tag line to include “Nothing Beats Queensland”. To residents of the State, this has a double meaning: It clearly states that you must come to Queensland because there is nothing else like it and that, despite the natural disasters that we have endured, we are bouncing back better than ever.

Victoria - The Place to BeAnother example of a catch phrase change is that of Tourism Victoria. A couple of years back, the tag line they used was “Victoria – On the Move” which was fine until someone realised that Victorians were leaving the state at a rapid rate and maybe the “Move” part of the slogan wasn’t so great after all. During a recent caravan trip around Queensland, I saw their new slogan plastered on Victorian number plates: “Victoria – The Place to be”. Now I don’t whether my judgement was determined by the number of Victorian caravans on the road but I believe this tag line once again fails to work. If Victoria is “The Place to be”, why do so many Victorians drive their caravans north and spend three months of the year in Queensland? Maybe a different catchline would have been more appropriate for their number plates.

As demonstrated, slogans can allow prospective clients to form very quick opinions about your business so you need to get it right. Grab a pen and pencil, write down the key elements about your businesses and see what you can come up. Make sure you show the slogan to test audience first and gauge their opinions. If it doesn’t get the message across as intended, try again until you get it just right for your business.

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