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Five Step Plan for Facebook Advertising


Facebook ConfusionGetting started on Facebook Advertising for your business is quite easy. Anyone with a Facebook page for their business will have already seen the various options popping up around their “administrators” screen. The blue buttons “Boost this Post”, “Promote Local Business” and “Promote Website” are easy to spot when creating new posts on your Facebook page.

Clicking on any of them gets the process of Facebook Advertising underway. However, without an understanding of the key requirements of successful Facebook Ads, any campaign that is launched will usually be a waste of the business’ money.

Note: to explain the variety of advertising options on its pages (boosts, promotions, etc), Facebook has created an excellent document detailing what can be achieved with each option:

To help curtail any waste of your hard-earned dollar on campaigns that just won’t work, here’s five steps from Rusty Mango to help you plan for and create effective Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

Click here – Five Step Plan for Facebook Advertising – PDF File

Armed with the above planning, you can now enter the world of Facebook advertising. Be aware that each advertising campaign can be different and you may need to “run” through the above steps for each of them.

Finally, be sure to track your advertising to ensure that your Facebook is not just a waste of money. Use the Facebook insights to watch how people are engaging with your advertising and be sure to enable Google Analytics on your website to determine.

Over time, you will become aware of the Facebook habits of your audience and what they engage with best. Use this insight to tweak your system and ensure that you are effectively using your Facebook Advertising budgets.

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