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Three essentials tips to getting your website COPY right!


To create an effective website that converts visitors into clients, the text (copy) on a website needs to hit all the right buttons to have the desired effect.

What you say on your site is vital to its success but how it is written is equally as important. A poorly written article with bad layout will quickly drive visitors away from your site and onto your competitors. Below are a few easy pointers to get your copy heading in the right direction:

1. The first bite is with the Eye.

First impressions count so make sure your site is not too heavy with its content. Too much text is an instant turn-off. People don’t want to read “War and Peace” on your site.

Keep your paragraphs short and straight to the point. Try not to waffle. Instead, talk to your potential clients like they are in the room with you. This will help to develop a relationship with them even before they get in touch with you. Break your text up with dot points, lists and use bold / italics to create areas of text that stand out to drive certain information home.

2. Create content that talks at your client’s level of expertise.

This can be a balancing act. You need to convey the right amount and type of information but you need to keep jargon to a minimum. On the other hand, you need to be very careful that you don’t sound condescending and simplistic. Make your copy is written in a friendly, educative way to pass on the right vibes. Get someone without your level of knowledge to proofread your content before posting onto your website. Be ready to receive constructive criticism and respond to it.

Once again, keep the information in useful, small paragraphs that won’t create reader fatigue.

3. Dot your I’s and cross your T’s

Sometimes the simplest things are ones that are overlooked. No matter how great your content is and whether it is aimed at the right audience or not, nothing looks worse that reading a section of text that is not grammatically correct. As with the last tip, if you have problems with your grammar, pass on your text to a friend who can check it for spelling and punctuation. Your business’ professional image depends on your text being spot-on in all aspects.

Follow these three easy tips and you will have professional copy content in palatable, easy-to-swallow chunks. If you still find this hard to manage, don’t forget that you can also use a professional copywriter to spruce up your information. The bottom line is to get that content into a form that your potential clients can understand and respond to in a positive way for your business.

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