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52 Week Blog Challenge


Against all appearances, a blog is quite hard to maintain. It’s not really the content – every day a dozen ideas a day pop in-and-out of my head that would make great fodder for a blog post. No, that’s not the hard thing about a blog. It’s the time – finding the time to sit down and create a blog post that is polished and worthy of the attention of your target audience.

Blog Post IdeasI will be the first to admit that my blog posts are at the best intermittent, I think I am doing well if I can get a blog post out a month. In the world of online marketing and business in general, where search engines, social media and opportunities change day-by-day, a monthly blog post may not be enough.

Twitter and Facebook are available to push out links to other professional blogs but for my customers, I really want to provide a service where I personally keep them to date with marketing goodies.

This is where my 52 Week Blog challenge comes in – every week, for the next 52 weeks, I will get a new blog post published to the Rusty Mango Design site.

As you can see from my ideas wall to the right, I already have a heap of ideas for these posts and this number is growing day-by-day. Most are related to marketing your website but some are simply related to running an effective business.

To check out my latest and greatest, visit the Rusty Mango Design page each Monday for some of this website marketing goodness or simply follow Rusty Mango on Facebook or Twitter and you will receive a post or a tweet as soon as the new blogs are online.

And no, if you were wondering, this is not post number #1 – Tune in every Monday!

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