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Who is my Ideal Client?

On my walk this morning, I listened to a new podcast from America. A marketing guru of types, Amy Porterfield discussed creating meaningful content and the process that she works through in order to get new ideas. When I got home, I jotted down some notes (so I wouldn’t forget them straight away, as I tend to do sometimes). One of the first things I wrote was a list of the 10 most common questions that I am asked as a web designer. I also listed 10 questions that I need to ask myself as the business owner. In no time at all, I created 20 new topics to cover in both my Blog and the Website Marketing Series podcast! With no further adieu, here’s the first one….

Who is my ideal client?

Anyone would think that this would already be covered in any good business plan and to a degree, it is. However it’s very important to draw up a clear image of the target customer you want heading into your website. The site needs to be created and managed in such a way that this customer finds what they need with a minimal of hassle. Remember, if they can’t find what they want from you, they will go to your competitors.

Here’s a series of questions you need to ask yourself and the answers that I would supply as a website design business owner. Obviously, your answers may be vastly different to mine. Below each answer, I will also discuss how this affects my website content.

1. What type of client is has a need what you have to offer?

My Answer

  • Small to Medium size business owners.
  • Has products/services to market.
  • Needs a web portal as a medium for advertising and information dissemination.
  • Would like to make online sales.

Website Content

  • Site needs a professional business-like appearance.
  • Wording needs to be concise and to the point.
  • Added value to my site for the visitor in the production of marketing tips and information.
  • Services clearly outlined with an emphasis on the website design aspect.

2. What type of client sees the value in what you have to offer?

My Answer

  • A technically savvy business owner with prior experience in websites or a consistent user of online services.
  • A business owner who wants to “out-market” their competitors.
  • A newcomer to websites who has realised that the Yellow Pages are dead 😀

Website Content

  • My content needs to remain fresh and current.
  • I need to reflect the marketplace with new services outlined clearly on the site.
  • My point of contact / call to action needs to be prominent on the site.

3. Financially, who has the money to pay for your services and will they pay you on time?

My Answer

I might find a client who understands where I am coming from, provides great information to build a site and is an absolute dream to work with however, if they can’t pay the bill at the end of the work, there is no way that they are an “ideal client”.

Once a client has accepted my initial quote, and before we start work on the site, I insist up on a 50% down-payment for the work. This has two purposes – one, it spurs the business own on to get the content ready for the site launch and two, it ensures that after I supply an initial design, they don’t “jump ship” and take that design to a competitor.

Where to?

Once you have answered the questions above, sit down in front of your computer and take a good look at what you have online. Does it match up with your idea of what an “ideal client” would be looking for? If not, log in and starting updating it today. Unless you check your site statistics on a regular basis, you might not know how much business you are missing out on!

Bonus Tip

This one applies to everyone. Look at the front page of your site – is there a clear business statement visible for your “ideal client”.

This statement defines your business in terms of who you are, your priorities, what’s most important to the business and what is great about your business that you want to share, sell and make money with.

Make this a priority for your front page today!

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