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Three plug-ins that will add bang to your website and they’re FREE!

PluginsIf you have a Content Management System installed on your website, there is a fair chance that it will be based on the WordPress framework. WordPress is a highly configurable backbone for an estimated 25% of all websites currently on the WWW.

One of the greatest features of WordPress is the thousands of plug-ins that can add functionality to any site with very little hassle. In this post, I would like discuss three plug-ins that can add great value to your site and get those all important repeat visits from your (potential) clients.

EventGeek is a calendar plug-in that allows organisations to easily add events to their sites in the form of a on-site planner. This plug-in is perfect for tourism organisations, festival organisers, schools and any other group that has scheduled events and activities throughout the year that need to be published. A bonus feature of EventGeek is a calendar widget which can be displayed in the sidebar of a site allowing it to be seen on every single page.

Have you ever talked a business via an online chat window (i.e. Telstra) and thought would be great addition to your business’ site? With a plug-in called ClickDesk, you can add that functionality quite easily. Imagine a Helpdesk straight on your site, no phone calls involved, talking directly to your customers about issues or enquiries that they may have. A simple pop-up window appears when the site visitor clicks on the button and this activates the chat on your computer and the conversation begins.

Although the Clever YouTube is a premium plug-in (which means you have to pay for it), it has proved to be one very useful addition to a number of my clients websites. The plug-in lets a site operator to display YouTube videos in a style that is consistent with the branding and imagery of the website it is shown on. It allows intros and outros but most importantly, it will allow you to prevent further video suggestions from YouTube and removes those annoying advertisements from the beginning of each video. The last thing you want to do on a site is distract the visitor and send them elsewhere. With Clever YouTube, you can set up the size and style of a video and take ownership back from YouTube. My friend and good client, Steven Lizzio, uses this plug-in to great effect on the front page of

One of the best things about most of these widgets is that they are provided completely free of charge. Premium versions are available (like Clever YouTube) and most developers encourage donations for their work – but it is generally always try before you buy. If a plug-in doesn’t work for you, then you are not out of pocket and left with a product that you can’t use. All plug-ins are rated by other users allowing you to determine which one is the best for your purposes before you even download.

If you would like any of these plug-ins (or maybe something else you have found) and don’t know how to (or want to) install it yourself, contact Rusty Mango Design and we will do the hard work for you.

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