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Goals of an effective website!

In the first podcast from the Rusty Mango Design Website Marketing series, I talked about five simple ways to draw attention to your site and get the all-important visitors coming in. Hopefully that has paid off for you (more tips on that coming soon) and now it is time for action.

Generally a website has been built for a single purpose – generating further interaction with the site visitor (monetary-wise or information-wise). Read the three components below to help achieve this interaction and make your site a success.

The HookThe Hook
Everyone knows that a webpage must load quickly however, just as important, the content on that page needs to grab attention straightaway. You generally have about three seconds for the visitor to get “hooked” on your content or they will leave and go somewhere else. Make sure the titles and imagery of the page are engaging and that the content offers some form of offer or promise which is easily visible at a glance. Don’t overload the page, keep it fairly simple and to the point. 

Keep ’em Keen
The next goal after “hooking” the visitor is to keep them interested in your site. Offer some value in the form of content that keeps them from leaving and makes the visitor want to explore. If you run a service website, build in a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section with general purpose tips. Identify in your content the reasons for people to visit your site and offer them solutions to according to your business type. Be sure to keep content fresh for those visitors who are returning to the website after a previous visit.

The Call to Action
The final step in getting a return from a visitor to your website is a call to action. Make it very easy for a potential client to send their details to you. One of the best ways is to offer something for free ( for example an eBook or a free quote ) in return for completing a details form. This form could simply ask for an email address or a contact number.

Once you have the client’s information, you can then initiate further contact to convert their visit into a tangible sale for your business. Implement these steps on each page of your site and you will see a return from your website in next to no time.

Remember….. Content is KING!


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